Your attention please! This is your webmistress speaking! It was brought to my attention that I actually haven't posted all of the dwarves pictures yet!!! I forgot Thorin! I apologize! 

Anyway, better late than never, right? So, here he is:
He doesn't look too happy that I forgot about him, I mean, look! He's even drawn his sword and gotten into an attacking position!
Mr. Jackson has posted three production videos since the filming of the Hobbit first started. It is amazing!!!! I haven't had time to watch the whole thing, but I saw most of it, and it is fantastic!!! Here is what he posted on Facebook: Production Video

Oh! By the way, I don't have Facebook or Twitter or anything like that. I found this off of
Okay! I'm going to start this second post with a picture from We have a picture of all of the dwarves below!!!!! Enjoy!

(Left to Right)
Bombur, Bofur, Bifur, Nori, Ori, Dori, Balin, Dwalin, Oin, , Gloin, Fili and Kili