Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I want to wish you all a merry and blessed holiday. Enjoy all of the pies, eggnog, turkey, mashed "taters", hay rides and company! I hope you have time to enjoy this wonderful season, and remember why we celebrate it. Give thanks for all you have. 

I, for my part, have a lot to be thankful for: 

>>I have the best friends in the wold - the kind that will stay by you not matter what... even if they do abandon Tolkienism for Mystery Science Theater 3000 - the kind that will critique your book - the ones that will stay patient and by your side no matter what you say or do.
>>I have an amazing family - yes, they have driven me insane, but it's okay. It's better to be insane when you're trying to tackle life. I know they love me. And I love them. Even if I have to clean up for/after them. ;P
>>For music. I thank God for putting music on this earth. That helps with my insanity level - when I'm angry, sad, happy or hyper - I just put on a song and let it all out... by myself. I don't want people knowing I've gone crazy! ;)
>>For having the ability to cook, so that when my brother asks me to make him cookies, I can say "Nothing comes free" and in the end have him buy me a song off iTunes and I can enjoy the cookies too!
>>For Tolkien - man, you are awesomesauce! (Don't ask, a friend and I made up our own lingo...)
>>For the cast and crew of the Lord of the Rings, and the Hobbit... and Tintin! Thank you all for inspiring me... even though you don't know it. :)
>>For all of those fighting for us in the army. I love you all and am constantly praying for you. 
>>For this amazing cough I have had for days now - it makes me appreciate the times when I'm healthy. XP You don't know how much you need to sing until you can't sing! Ugh! 
>>For God. Thank you so much Lord for all of my blessings, the ones I take for granted, the ones I don't appreciate, and the ones I don't know I have. You are truly amazing. I love you.

This is by no means a complete list and it is not in order. I love you all, and hope you don't eat too much! But if you do, it's okay - Thanksgiving only comes once a year!
5/31/2012 22:15:15

good one info dude

6/1/2012 01:46:08

Holy Lembas! Did you seriously read the whole thing?! O.O

=D Thank you! And thanks for visiting the site! :) It means a lot to me!


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