Ah, tis a new year, folks! Let us make it a good one. Be the best you you can be. Do good for others. Sacrifice some of your happiness to make good decisions and to make others happy. When you put others before yourself, you'll find that you will be happy inside as well. Happier than you'd be if you had the mentality of "Me, me, me! It's all about me!" You know? Try it. Please? :)

My friend and I stayed up last night watching Merlin. She pulled off an all nighter while I only made it till 3:30 a.m. Sorry, guys. I'm a wimp. :P Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful, blessed year! Make good decisions. Be healthy. Praise the Lord!

I love y'all and I'm praying for you always even if I've never met you, heard a comment from you or anything. <3

God bless!

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