According to The One Ring, we have news that Christopher Tolkien, J.R.R.Tolkien's son, will not give out more permission for any more of his father's works to be turned into films. 

I'm not complaining. He has all the rights in the world to not give out permission. I don't know his reason behind his decision, but I respect it. I am a huge Tolkien fan (as y'all already know) and would definitely like to see the Silmarillion or The Children of Hurin on T.V. but I'm not going to complain or rage about Christopher's decision. It's his to make. We have to respect that.

Maybe he wants people to read his father's works. And people, believe me, as wonderful as Peter Jackson and everyone did on the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, the books are better. :P Also, just throwing this out there, The Silmarillion and The Children of Hurin are even better than LotR. Don't beat me up about it, but in my opinion, it is. XD

Of course, we're all entitled to our own opinions, but we need to respect those of others. ;)

God bless!

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