So, first off, friends, I'd like to say: THE HOBBIT IS AMAZING AND IT EVEN EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS! I URGE YOU TO SEE IT A.S.A.P.!!!!!!!!!! I saw it on Saturday, December 15, 3:30 p.m. My little sister and I were grinning like idiots as we waited for the movie to come on. I was almost shaking, I was so excited!

Okay. With that over with, let me tell you that The Hobbit raked in $37.5 million bucks, JUST on Friday! Amazing, isn't it? I'm not surprised though. People have waited about ten years for this and, with Mr. Jackson and his crew's exceptional taste in choosing actors and directing, they've not let us down. :)

So let's hear a round of applause for the makers of The Hobbit!!!!

God bless!
Well, folks! The Hobbit: Part 1: An Unexpected Journey is in theaters today!!! Hopefully you've got tickets or are planning on seeing the epic adventure sometime soon! Originally, I was going to go tonight, but that's not going to work out. So I'll be going tomorrow instead!!! (Hopefully the line won't be too long...)

Enjoy and God bless you!
Hello again!

I'm at my friend's house and we're planning on staying up till at least 3 a.m. if not 4... or sometime after that. :P Two hours and 45 minutes to go! Yay! Now, I have a present for you, precious! (wow... I really am tired...) Anyways, so as not to creep y'all out, I'll just give it to ya.
God bless!
"Not nearly frightened enough!"


Just kidding! So, I was reading an article that said the human eye sees about 60 fps (frames per second) and I've heard that some people are worried about The Hobbit being in 48 fps. Well, to allay your fears, this should be no biggy! We're used to seeing blurry action movements, but no more!

Also, cording to this site, critics are saying that The Hobbit is even better than expected! As we all know, PJ did a FANTASTIC job with LotR and the standards are set pretty high. Can you imagine
Time for the fangirl (and boy) squealing. *squee* OKAY, PEOPLE! If you're looking forward to The Hobbit (and Christmas break) just as much as I am, you won't want to miss this (unless you want to wait till The Hobbit comes to theaters to see it). Here is a link to TORn where you can find links to ACTUAL clips from the epic film! Not teasers, actual clips. 

God bless!
Hello there, peeps!

Sorry again. *sigh* School again. Life again. Anyways, Hobbit news again. :)

So, here's a 7.5 minute Hobbit trailer (amazing, as usual) and the Hobbit has been viewed in New Zealand already! Also, if you live in Tokyo, you probably know that today, the Hobbit will be playing with PJ and some of the cast tonight!! Also, HAPPY DECEMBER FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Here's the vid:
God bless!
Sorry folks for being late again! Anyways, I have two bits of news for ya!




So pull out those turkey and pie leftovers and be thankful again! Below is the final vlog:
God bless!
First off, I apologize for being so behind in posting the news (I've been busy - yeah, yeah, you've heard that before). But now, let's get on with it! The complete soundtrack is available for your pleasure!!

Here's the link. (Note: I don't know if it's still available, if not, I'm sure you can find it on YouTube)

Moving right along, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! We have a lot to be thankful for and I hope we can all thank the Lord for our bI wish you all the best and would like to share with you a few poems I wrote a few years back (don't expect anything great; I did this when I was maybe 11 or 12...):

No One Had To Ask Why

Gently, it falls to the ground,
Little white balls of snow,
'Twas the land to which many of their heirs would be bound,
A few things only did they know:
This was the land their descendants would call home,
They were free,
A Dream they thought would never be,
And that the God of love had protected them,
And He would never leave,
Fear was forgotten,
When they looked at the night sky,
The moon and stars brightened the night,
And no one had to ask why,
For all knew why they were here,
It was worth every bit of pain they felt,
They could protect everything they held dear,
It was worth every drop of blood spilt,
And hundreds of year later,
We wonder what they felt,
But we do not ask why,
For we know just as well as they do,
There is but one thing we can say,
And that is thank you.

(That was a bit more serious than the next you'll read; yeah, sarcasm runs into just about everything I write...  Oh! Those lines about the talking person; my sister was just rambling, and that kind of leaked into the First Thanksgiving...)

What It Means To Be Free

Help! Help! They shout,
But why?
Because the turkey's run off the table,
And most have gone fishing for trout,
The pumpkin pie's burnt,
And someone won't shut their mouth,
The pig's spit out the apple,
And has chased after the turkey,
My! How some can babble,
That same someone is still talking,
I can hardly believe my eyes,
Now the goose has got up and is walking,
Heaven forbid if the chicken follows suit,
Oh my! The pie! It's aflame,
How I wish it would stop,
I don't recommend this as a game,
Oh dear, where's the mop?
Has the world gone 'round to gang up on me?
Well, I'll just sit down and let it all be,
After all, this is the land of the free.

Hopefully all this excitement will help me keep y'all updated!!

I keep laughing as I hit the spot at 0:22!! It sounds so funny and looks funny to see poor Bilbo keep falling over! Enjoy, peeps!
God bless!

You don't have to be a music lover to appreciate this soundtrack!! It's simply fantastic and amazing!! Howard Shore, back from LotR, has composed another masterpiece! Take a listen here!

God Bless!