So, first off, friends, I'd like to say: THE HOBBIT IS AMAZING AND IT EVEN EXCEEDED MY EXPECTATIONS! I URGE YOU TO SEE IT A.S.A.P.!!!!!!!!!! I saw it on Saturday, December 15, 3:30 p.m. My little sister and I were grinning like idiots as we waited for the movie to come on. I was almost shaking, I was so excited!

Okay. With that over with, let me tell you that The Hobbit raked in $37.5 million bucks, JUST on Friday! Amazing, isn't it? I'm not surprised though. People have waited about ten years for this and, with Mr. Jackson and his crew's exceptional taste in choosing actors and directing, they've not let us down. :)

So let's hear a round of applause for the makers of The Hobbit!!!!

God bless!

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